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"Don't Call Me a Hero" and "I Feel Like a Hero" at Starlite Video.

Starlite Video is now renting out DVDs of both "Don't Call Me a Hero" and "I Feel Like a Hero". As we understand, they seem to be renting out frequently which is good for getting the movies out there. Thanks again to Starlite Video and if you would like to see either film at home for a $1 rental, please give them a visit.

Laughlin International Film Festival 2013

"I Feel Like a Hero" played on October 19th, 2013 as part of the Sci-Fi Film block. It was well received among the crowd. We loved seeing our film in the Laughlin Digital 9 Cinema played off of a bluray. It looked and sounded great. In attendance were Loney Childress, Bradd Childress, Amy Childress, Diana Childress, and Alex Delgado.




Loney Childress Musician Page

Since this page is dedicated to my movies, I thought it appropriate to separate my song writing, singing, etc into another website.

Loney Childress Musician Page